Relaxation options in the surrounding area are many. Village Katunishte is a national architectural reserve. There’s a trail ideal for your family walk. Extensive meadows offer the opportunity for a number of family activities such as picnics, games or even outdoor recreation. There are opportunities for fishing on the lake in the village of Skala, located 18km. Nearby are the most visited in the county hunting Kotel, Zheravna and Ichera. Hunting and fishing in this region are highly developed, so “Ralevi house” has an excellent location, suitable for lovers of this sport. Moreover, you can visit the area “Blue Pool” in Medven, famous for its legends and incredible beauty. Kotel and Zheravna, which are rich in history and many cultural monuments may be your nice destination for conducting cultural and educational tourism. In this region there are 780 registered cultural monuments that can tell you about the great Bulgarian history.

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